Dr Mehdi Ali  – A Nation Forgets to Honour its brave hero!



I live in a country which vouchsafed its inhabitant’s safety, security, peace, serenity and a guarantee that whosoever wishes to call his God, in which ever language and in which ever building, can do so freely. Yet, these promises seem to be nothing more than a vague dream, or rather a scary nightmare which has caused insomnia in many people around the nation.

 Proclaiming to be a Muslim, or calling on the basic principles of Islam will easily purchase a ticket for me to meet a jail sentence and which could simply cause me to be hanged until death. However, maybe it’s the stubbornness love that is innate within every Ahmadi Muslim that he still, despite the torture and gruesome behaviour, wants to be at the forefront whenever the nation calls upon him.

 Maybe, it’s the arrogance of every Ahmadi Muslim that despite being kicked away and rejected, he still falls back as a traveler would, seeing a water well after crossing miles upon miles of dessert; maybe, it’s the hard hardheartedness that whenever the nation calls to offer lives, blood, financial help or sweat, Ahmadi Muslims are always there screaming ‘Present’ because they have taken an oath to fulfill the Hadith

‘Love to One’s Country is Part of One’s Faith’

Similarly, Dr Mehdi Ali carried a mind like the Ahmadi Muslims who forgot about their lives, families and health, simply because they wanted to leave this world knowing that they have created an Earth in which others could live in peace. So that others, when going to sleep at night, can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that their country is in safe hands and not in the hands of fanatics that get amused as small children would when they throw their toys around, not caring who it’ll hurt.

 Dr Mehdi Ali Qamar Shaheed took off from America, there was no need, he had the wealth and life of a man which others would sacrifice their lives for, but regardless of this, he stepped forward and departed from a land that has been dead for many decades.

His purpose? Simple. To reach and work for an institution, a hospital, which supports patients regardless of the amount of money they carry in their bank accounts. He had a vision, an aim, to treat as many people with all of his heart, yet his felon, his bitter enemies ripped that away from him when he was shot 11 times in front of his wife and child.

It leaves one saddened and shocked, that how can someone shoot a saint and then sleep peacefully at night. How can he be rest assured knowing he has caused a family to mourn the loss of its income supplier, the man who would put the bread on the table, the man who would come home to his young child who hasn’t even started high school yet.

 Allah Almighty has stated in the Holy Quran that He sends ‘Laanat’ or curse to those who lie; however, we Ahmadi Muslims fear the outcome of such hypocrite Mullahs, who have made Islam a way of business to fill their pockets and tummy.

 Nonetheless, the worldwide leader of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community clearly stated in his previous Friday Sermon that when the wrath and righteous indignation of Allah starts, then no power of this universe can do anything to stop it.

We hope Allah Almighty sets the hearts of these corrupt and conceited, haughty Mullahs straight and that they will seek to promote the true message of Islam. However, until then we hope that Allah Almighty continues to safeguard Ahmadi Muslims from every pain and trouble.

Because in ONLY Him do we rely and because we know ONLY HE has the power of safeguarding US! 




“The servants of the Merciful are those who walk on the earth in humility.” Holy Quran


Humbleness is the core, noble value which every believer should possess, because through its presence we feel that our hearts are instilled which the closest possible connection and intimacy with Allah, the most Gracious, Ever Merciful. 
This excellent value which is the seed, and stems to other good attributes, were told to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw), and he also practiced this quality with utmost dignity, because he knew how much this quality pleases Allah. 

Islam is a universal religion and a body which contains moral excellence. Its absence in any soul removes any other virtue from the believer and cannot be taken lightly.

Humbleness in an attribute which has been praised by the Holy Quran and the Prophet Muhammad, a quality which has been repetitively emphasised by other Khalifas and we must therefore comprehend the true meaning of humility. In its pristine form, humility is the awareness and declaration on the part of a believing person that all good qualities held by him/her are granted by God, the Glorious and Merciful, and that all praise and thanks is to Him.

Any task which is taken upon and which is empty and void of humility is futile, and humbleness must exist in the form of a pure action, without wanting or gaining anything. An action carried purely for the reward of Allah. As human beings, we are blessed with wealth, intellect, and success; however, we must acknowledge that these blessings are provided to us by God, and we must thank Him. 
Undoubtedly, Allah’s blessings towards us are trials and opportunities for us to earn His approval and acceptance as believers.

If we continue to live without true humility, our actions will continue to be destroyed by arrogance, and selfish ambitions. By continuously thanking the Most Beneficent and Merciful for the blessings He has provided us, we avoid becoming arrogant and are able to join the ranks of the true Muslims.

“Give good news to the humble-hearted.”

Humility and humbleness towards God creates man to be full of modesty, patience, and respect towards other Muslims. Submission to God leads a person towards a more tranquil, peaceful and meek-full life of purpose, while self-pride and arrogance leads one to a life of darkness, coercion and hatred. It is not possible to be in actual submission while behaving arrogantly and in contempt towards others. Surely, humble submission before the Most Glorious and Eternal Lord is the most inspiring and the greatest source of honour and dignity a believing person can be afforded.

Humility comes from recognizing the Might of God and that all might belongs to Him, it says in the Hoy Quran: ‘And seek help with patience and Prayer; and this indeed is hard except for the humble in spirit, Who know for certain that they will meet their Lord, and that to Him will they return.’ This verse alone proves that the qualities needed to attach man to Allah and for man to become steadfast, he must have this quality embedded within him.

True humbleness asks that we remember Allah constantly, thank Him for His countless blessings that He has conferred and awarded upon us, use our talents and abilities in His way, and consider ourselves superior to no one. Surely, “Successful indeed are the believers who humble themselves in their prayers.” Holy Quran.

My journey to Ahmadiyyat

“How many favours of your Lord will you then deny?” Holy Quran
It all started when my great great grandfather was introduced to Ahmadiyyat by the well known  companion of Promised Messiah (a.s) Ghulam Rasool Rajeki sahib (may his soul rest in peace), which further lead to him having the honour of taking bait at the hands of the Promised Messiah (as). Therefore, those who followed as his offspring automatically joined the fold of Ahmadiyyat. الحمد لله 
I thank the supreme abundantly for blessing my family and I to such an extent. 
Although I am born an Ahmadi Muslim, like many, I see myself accepting Ahmadiyyat separately. 
My story shares the same thrill as many individuals who question before accepting and the same was my situation. 
I was an innocent and naive child who loved bombarding her parents and teachers for the sake of answers which would satisfy her thirst for knowledge. Being told to believe in something purely because my ancestors did really bother me and forced my heart to reject those things, I always wanted solid logic and reasoning behind every point. Thus I started on my conquest to find solutions or at least valid answers to my questions. 
My request was simple: logic with reason and practicality. 
Without this, it was impossible to divert my mind to sympathize with the situation and accept what was being presented to me. 
As a young child, I was motivated to attend Jamaat functions, attend competitions and be involved as much as possible – like any mother. 
However, being naive, I failed to understand why I was told to hide my identity to those around me who did not know of my faith. 
I was left confused when my parents strictly forbade me to tell my classmates that I had won a prize at a local Ijtema. 
Whilst listening to the Friday sermon of our beloved Imam, I used to be so pleased seeing merely one glance of him and at the end of the sermon, my mother would question me on what I had learned throughout and I would enjoy explaining the sermon in my own words. 
Therefore, when I returned to school and heard my friends discussing cartoons and television programmes, it would hurt me that I couldn’t explain what our beloved imam had narrated. 
I lost many friends due to my faith. Many close friends and dear ones. But even if I lose my family, my possession, my life in this cause. I would present it to my faith,  purely for the sake of my creator. 
Nonetheless, I remember asking my mother once if I could tell my friends that I am an Ahmadi. I was given such a negative answer so swiftly. My mother purposely sent me to a Christian school out of fear of mullahs and that I would not tell anyone about my faith. 
For some time this lead to question my faith. If it was the truthful religion and claimed to be the best, then why was it hiding its truth from the world? 
On one hand, I was being told to always stand for truth, even if my life goes and on the other, I was being told to live a life of someone in exile. 
Having these thoughts at the age of 9 really disturbed me. 
I adored going to the mosque for Jumah and Eid prayers. When telling my Ahmadi friends, they found that they too were interested and asked me to take them along.
But it wasn’t long when we were banned from reading Numaaz at Mosques, this lead to further frustration and annoyed me. 
I was too young to understand them, but the event which unfolded afterwards and the circumstance of Pakistan today clearly illustrate that my mother was right in telling me to hide my identity. 
However, It pained me to hide my identity. Why should I? What role does the Pakistani government have for me to decide whether I should be called Muslim or not? 
Furthermore, following this inner battle with myself, I decided that I no longer wanted to hide my identity in 7th grade (when I joined a tuition centre near my house). Without telling, one of my teachers found out that I am an Ahmadi Muslim. I believe she guessed from my angry face when she used to speak ill of our Promised Messiah (as). She did this repetitively to annoy me and forced me to stay back after lessons, to answer questions which I had no answers to. 
Such is the mindset of these ill creatures who target innocent and young children, who they know cannot answer in depth theology related questions. 
She asked me to bring any Jamaat related books and that she would prove our Messiah (as) to be wrong using the Holy Quran. 
Not knowing what to do, and without taking suggestions from my parents, I decided to take a Deeni Maloomat book which was given to us at the beginning of our academic syllabus. 
After showing her, she became very furious and complained. Screaming at the top of her voice, she said that she had asked me to bring something related to the community. She would not accept that book as being from our community. 
This left me in tears. Broken. I rushed home and narrated the story to my mother; furious as anyone would be, she forbade me to go to the centre again and strictly told me to not indulge in any religious discussions. But how couldn’t I? There was now a mountain of questions in my mind, screeching from one side of my brain to the other. This lead to me having quarrels in my house and I started arguing about why I couldn’t share my identity to others if it was so truthful. 
So many questions, yet I didn’t know what to do. My mother tried explaining, she took it upon herself to try her best to explain to me whatever issue I had bothering me. 
Her answers though, didn’t satisfy my heart and I didn’t like the feeling. 
I remember her telling my father that she feared me leaving the community because of my behaviour
My father, being close to me, used to say lovingly to my mother that “you are not explaining it properly to my daughter that’s why and therefore, I will give her answers.” I sensed a sight of relief but even when I asked him, he would try his best but would then proceed to ask me about where I learnt these questions from saying they were pointless. 
Meanwhile, asking my grandfather who was alive at the time (may his soul rest in peace), helped me magnificently. He suggested that I should open the Holy Book of Islam and find the answers to my problems there. I never understood his point and the fact that he couldn’t answer my questions straightforwardly. 
Nonetheless, agreeing to his advice, I started leaning the Holy Quran with Tarjama, which was gifted to me by my grandfather. 
My mother promoted me sitting with the elders of the community during Ijlaases and they would address small issues, giving me lectures. However, this endless war on my problems wasn’t satisfying me. 
Something was missing. There was a huge gap. 
My mother felt burdened and worried and thus started asking for Allah’s mercy on me, that He should show me the truth in Ahmadiyyat as well as the correct path. Her prayers were full of tears and she begged in front of her creator to be forgiven, that He would instill the love of the community in my heart and mind. 
My heart always said that Ahmadiyyat is right but my brain never agreed with it. My brain was full of so many questions which lead me to confusion. I got confused, simply because there were many, and still are, notorious and extremist people who tried to misguide me. I wanted solid and probable answers, because it was paining me to see the feelings I had developed for the community and being unable to defend it. 
In 9th grade I joined an academy and to my benefit, we were taught about Islam. 
A whole lesson throughout the week was dedicated to this subject. 
Later I found out that this was actually the opposite of what I had hoped for as this academy was teaching hate against Ahmadis. It left me amazed to see how much hate was being instilled in my peers, this practice was being taught from corner to corner of Pakistan. 
Hearing that our Messiah (as) died an unnatural death left me heartbroken. I remember coming home and crying nights on ends, most of the time I would go to the bathroom and secretly cry my eyes out. 
This is “my” Pakistan. The country I am ready to shed my blood for is treating me like an infidel. 
When I used to run into the arms of my mother, she would always consolidate and encourage me to become regular in prayers and to seek for Allah’s mercy for those who have become too arrogant to understand the truth and myself.
The abusive language of the teacher and what was being taught, struck as a positive for my belief to strengthen and even my prayers from then onwards,  becoming a source of begging to the Almighty, in which I begged for the truth and for it to come out clearly and visibly to me, without any hindering or problems. 
I thought right therefore, to learn certain parts of the Holy Quran with translation and further read its commentary and explanations. I then used to compare the translations with other non-Ahmadi scholars, this become the mystery solving moment for me. 
My troubles, question, issues and problems all seemed to be getting resolved through the Holy Scripture. It seemed as if the Almighty had answered my prayer and had blessed me abundantly. 
My brain starting coinciding with my heart and they started to function together. My mind was at rest and peace. Issues such as the death of Hazrat Issa (as), the need for an Imam, the need for Khilafat and many more issues were being answered logically with reason and solidarity. 
I also started reading the books of the promised Messiah (as) alongside other books of the community. This was the time where indulging in the right area mattered and helped profusely. 
Tafseer-e-Kabeer actually amazed me. I was left speechless to see how many meanings one word could have in Arabic, yet in every context it would still fit and fulfill its purpose. 
I was 15 and felt as if I had achieved my goal.
 My religion was now truly mine. 
I have made it incumbent upon myself to be regular in prayers, hear words of wisdom from our beloved Imam and personally study the community. 
My journey was made rough due to the place I resided in, but I do not regret any of those moments now, as it was a path which connected me closer to the destination. 
All thanks to the mighty, the wise, for his guidance and support. Without whom, I would have still been struggling and stuck in the trap of hypocrite Mullahs. 
This was my journey and now that I have accepted Islam Ahmadiyyat from my heart, I feel blessed for the bounties that the Lord has favoured upon me. 
All praise belongs to him. Without whom we are nothing. 

Is it a crime to be an Ahmadi?

“…If God had willed, He would have made you all in one nation and one religion), but that He (God) left you in different religions to compete in good deeds and society benefits. The return of all of you is to God; then He (God) will inform you about that in which you differ”

In today’s Pakistan words such as ‘justice’, ‘equality’ and ‘fairness’ carry no value. Indeed, I love my country from the depths of my heart but the vile and brutal attacks which are being made in the name of Islam today terrify me and make me question the ‘Pureness (PAK)’ of my country.

I am an Ahmadi Muslim. Yes, my faith and my religion are surrounded by Islamic motions and no one has the right or the power to change my belief or dictate who I am.

Unfortunately, a high number of so called ‘Muslims’ who are in fact illiterate and disgusting Mullahs, would disagree as they consider themselves more worthy and able than Allah to decide who is a Muslim or not and who can enter the gates of paradise.

Narrated below is an incident which took place a few days ago, this event has still left its mark and effects on me. Furthermore, after going through this tragic event I salute all my Ahmadi brothers and sisters who stand at the forefront defending the true Islam. May Allah fulfill all your noble endeavors. Ameen.

Nonetheless, the story goes as such:
A few days ago I was shopping with my sister and as we entered a shop, we inquired about items which go on our clothing. Sister had a duppata in her hand and asked for a matching design ribbon. Upon hearing this, the salesman did not reply for a whole minute. It seemed weird because without his answer the situation grew weird. In spite of our anxious and what now seemed confusing wait, he broke the silence and very softly asked, “Are you an Ahmadi?” ( maybe he took a guess from our burqas) His soft approach tendered my heart and I thought that maybe he too is an Ahmadi and wanted to send me greetings of peace. But, when my sister replied in affirmative, he took an abrupt and rude approach and very rudely said, “We don’t sell to Ahmadis!”
Understanding the situation, my older sister, grab my wrist and dragged me out of the shop, we rushed towards our car, my sister wanted our safety, I wanted answers!

The shop was in the basement next to the stairs. While taking big steps on the stairs I looked back the shopkeeper called two men with beards from the front shop and he pointed us “they are Mirzai’s”……… then there was no looking back.
It was Allah the Almighty’s doing that He gathered a crowd of shoppers, and in the mist of our confrontation the public made them loose hope of catching us.Furthermore, when reaching the car, my sister rushed home. My journey was one filled with tears and a cold heart. I had broken down. This is not the Pakistan I once took an oath to die for. This is not the Pakistan that I had hope for and which gave me hope. This is the Pakistan which has killed me whilst I lived.

Upon narrating my tragic incident to a senior official of the Jammat, she told me that the same happened to her. She was standing near a crockery stall and picked up a glass. The owner once again inquired about her religious beliefs and when hearing that she too is an Ahmadi Muslim, he  used abusive language and he denied selling his products.

This market, unfortunately, has lost touch with humanity and is under the influence of notorious Mullahs since 2012 and as the days progress, so do their atrocities.

On the website:https://www.persecutionofahmadis.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Persecution-of-Ahmadis-in-Pakistan-20121.pdf, page 56 very clearly illustrates an incident which adds to the numbers of those being persecuted in the name of faith:

Green Town, Lahore
; January, 2012:
Mr. Mubashir Ahmad Nasir and his family encountered troublesome religious discrimination at school. His wife was a teacher in Iqbal Memorial High School, while his children were students there. When the staff came to know of their Ahmadiyyat, an agitation started in the school. The propaganda and hate drive was a torture to them. The school administration fired his wife from her job and expelled his children from the school. He then had his children admitted in a government school but the situation there was not much better. He had to shift his children to another private school. All this was traumatic for the family.
Iqbal Town; March, 2012:Mr. Ilyas Ahmad Umair of Iqbal Town was a student of ACCA in the Acute Business College. The college administration called him and inquired from him whether he was an Ahmadi. Upon confirmation they returned his dues to him and strictly prohibited him from entering the college. This disturbed him greatly, but he was counseled to bear up with the discrimination and persecution courageously as he was not the first who have suffered.
Gulshan Ravi;
October, 2012:
Miss Afshan Malik, Ahmadi is a student of F.Sc. Part II in Government Degree College for Women, Gulshane Ravi, Lahore. She participated in the Natiya
(poems in the honour of the Holy Prophet PBUH) competition in the Punjab Youth Festival. The Chief Minister of the Punjab was also present at the event. He liked her recital 53 of a Naat so much that he asked for recital of one more Naat from her while the result was being compiled. She did that and was acclaimed by the audience. These two Naats were produced by Ahmadi elders. She was awarded the first prize and a trophy. After a few days when her rivals came to know of her religious denomination, they turned to mischief against her. She was harassed in the college. They tried to get a police case registered against her. The situation became very serious. In the face of all this she had to discontinue her studies and the entire family had to shift elsewhere


Is it a crime to be an Ahmadi?  Certainly in Pakistan it is.


What started from a small area, has now reached schools, colleges, workplaces and now even markets too.

These inhumane acts force me to question myself and the nation. I really want to know where it says that religion has to interfere with shopping and who has the right to disown someone from their own religion without their consent?

Religion, as it has been taught to us, is a personal relationship between man and its creator, and no individual or group has the authority to disregard someone from their faith. This pathetic Mullah thinking is destroying our nation and has destroyed the country from all corners.
Islam has always said to help others and Allah loves those who are merciful and good-doers so why then to these so called ‘learned’ people find it a hobby and an enjoyable job to insult our religion and us?

No religion in this world teaches cruelty. It is evident that these illiterate people have no knowledge about their own religion but unfortunately their influences have passed on, and those who do not know much are sadly trapped in their wrong teachings.
But it is undoubtedly the constant hard work of our community which promotes peace and teaches love, kindness and sympathy towards  brothers and sisters of all faiths.

Love for All. Hatred for None.

I still sent my prayers to that shop-keeper and Mullahs. May Allah guide them out of their darkness and in to the fold of the true Islam.
Ameen. Thuma Ameen.

Internet: its benefits and concerns

The divine scripture which prophesied  many events prophesied the coming of new technology too, as in the Holy Quran it says:
  “Lo in the creation of heavens and the earth and in the alternation of night and day there are indeed signs for men of understanding”
1400 years ago, the religion of Islam was blessed with the insight to the future but in today’s correspondence and communication are we availing the correct purpose of technology?
The Internet has supplied unlimited support in our day-to-day work and has become the most growing technology the world has ever witnessed. Yet, most people would argue that we are not using the Internet as a correct medium and some would even affirm that many use the Internet not for the right purposes I.e idolizing time in areas unworthy of our attention, not using platforms which could become means of Tabligh etc.
In recent times, the pro’s and con’s have been highly analyzed by the media and  schools and the use of Internet is a highly growing concern for us all.
Twitter is a common platform used to socialize, some use it as a means of Tabligh- others, as a source of networking and socializing. But, are we even safe? & do we realise the harmful content hidden behind the screen?
A survey conducted on twitter which showed  that most believe twitter is an excellent tool to interact with individuals from all walks of life and to learn more about other communities and the hardships or events they are celebrating.
Some have indicated they feel more spiritually inclined as twitter has abundant of individuals who are focused heavily on religion.
Some indicate that this is just a way to spend their free time.
More towards negatives, some feel ‘complaints’ against one another are getting out of hand. Some indicated that there is an aspect of micro-managing where even minuscule tweets are being thoroughly investigated.
Social networking sites have become the norm of the society but leaving these area to one side, the Internet as a whole is a tool. Like a mechanic if you know what you’re doing, you’ll suffice- however, if you come with the wrong intentions, like a robber, the tool which is used for a good purpose which be serving unjustly.
Likewise, the Internet is a platform where some learn from, some educate themselves, some teach others, some interact with others but there are many who use the Internet for the wrong reasons.
 The survey, done on twitter hinted that Some have indicated that the purpose of twitter is not to form relationships with one another through tweets or DM’s as we should always remember ‘Allah is All-Aware’.
However, In today’s day and age  the question on how safe is the Internet  is very relevant and important. Thinking back, the past views show that about 14 years ago, topics such as “Internet and Web Security” were unknown names.
A decade ago the main purpose of the Internet was purely focused on email communication and web browsing activities. Commercial, critical or even complex transactions were rarely performed on the Internet. A few years forward and a phenomena has occurred.
Internet and web security measurements in private or environments are being taken more seriously than a decade before. Many efforts have been made by corporate organizations and educational institutes to make the internet more transparent and much safer.
We know that the internet provides children and young people with a wealth of opportunities for their entertainment, communication and education but there are also risks of harm through the deliberate behaviour of others online, and through exposure to inappropriate content.
As children grow up in an increasingly digital world, they need to be aware of the risks they face online. Everyone can play a part in keeping children safe and the internet institutions have a particular responsibility to create tools and information to help.
The current head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community frequently informs parents of their duties towards children and safety from the Internet is important too.
The community has many websites which allow children and elders alike to spend their time in a relaxed and Jamaat atmosphere, where one is circulated in news and entertainment.
The website for a Metropolitan police organisation in the UK said: Social networking sites, such as Facebook, MySpace, Bebo and Twitter have become incredibly popular in recent years.
Most users are genuine, but because it is so easy to hide your real identity, it is possible to come into contact with people you would normally avoid.
It’s risks:  Privacy. The internet offers you a lot of freedom and this can lead some people to behave in ways they would not behave in public.
They might say things in a chat room they would never say face to face,
give out personal information about themselves or others that they would normally keep private.
A common example:
A young person tries to let their friends know about their birthday party by posting the information about when and where on their social networking site. This means hundreds of people end up knowing about the party and turn up uninvited. The party could turn into chaos with people getting angry and even refusing to leave. The police would have to get involved to turn people away.
Similar to music, the Internet is becoming an issue which cannot be stamped as bad or good.
There are ample sites and areas which are beneficial to anyone using the platform for the right reasons- but for those who want mischief, the Internet can, unfortunately, accommodate that too.

World War III

The human eye never wishes to see the sight of a man taking his final breath, or of blood ruthlessly being stolen from an innocent with weapons of mass destruction.

Imagining this sight causes the body to shiver and tears over come, the pain of the victim transfers visually in my mind and I surrender to the cruelty of the world.

The sight no-one wishes to see, I have seen.

When I was a kid, the age where one possess no knowledge of the world, the age where one wishes to be free to fly in to the wonders of the world, at that age I witnessed on the news that children were having their bones dissolved in acid. This horrifying news was being spoken of everywhere, every street, every individual spoke to increase my fear and sleepless nights. Maybe this incident was preparing me to see what I had never wished to see.
Death in front of my eyes.

 This article is not an attempt to gather sympathy, rather prove that World War III is on the verge of escalating if not stopped. Mini world-wars are taking place in numerous places and will cause the world to witness a horrific event if not addressed and stopped. Some sources have stated that the world has been at peace for only 4-10 days since 1990! Simply shocking. 

 The media has played a crucial part in this creation too. The news of someone’s death has become so common that the reaction of the public has become indifferent and no-body cares about the welfare. The world is in jeopardy, the whole world is under the threat of World War III.

The head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community, Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (may Allah strengthen his hands), stated on the occasion of the 10th peace Symposium that:

“To strive for peace is a noble ambition and is something that the world has always stood in great need of. If we look at the situation of the world today, we realize that now, more than ever, it is a pressing and urgent need of the time for us to seek and pursue peace and harmony in the world.”

Further he stated that if the world wanted to over-come the terrible situation it is in then it must act with justice:

“If we want true peace and if we want to save the world from destruction then we must act with justice, integrity and be ever faithful to the truth.”

The Far East is proving that its nuclear powers contain the strength which no other country can match. Countries like Japan, China, North and South Korea, all are bringing the world to a dead end, from where no one can return from. It needs no explanation that a few nuclear bombs would destroy every living object in the face of this world yet this so called ‘literate’ beings do not see the reality.
The United States, which is involved in the effects of these conflicts, due to its close alliances with South Korea & Japan, also needs to address these issues. Being a supreme power, with political and economical dominance, it should be the peace-creator. This would be proving the real dominance.

The supreme leader of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community also stated that “North Korea had not been shy in threatening to use its nuclear weapons and did not seem to care about the consequences of its actions.” Such a response is not one which should be shown by any country.

Syria too is in distress, the public want to throw its government out. Pakistan sees terrorist attacks on regular basis. I am no journalist which can sparkle words and phrases which create the heart to fall for the story, but I am sure all these events creates an out-cry for a halt.

The world is crying out, raising its voice and asking for a global leader, who can direct the world back to the right path. All they need to do is raise their eyes and see Ahmadiyyat at their foot-steps, ready to welcome them in.

Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (May Allah always be his protector), is guiding his 10 million strong followers, with dignity. His followers live in peace and have a living relationship with Allah, something which the world has forgotten.

He said:
“I will, God Willing, always continue to carry out my task and my responsibilities of promoting peace, tolerance, justice and compassion to the corners of the world. I will continue to tell all people that in order to be relieved of the pain and suffering that we face today, we must adopt true justice and equality.”

He is raising his hand for you, embrace it and you, Allah willing, won’t see the effects of a horrendous world war. These mini-wars, which are taking place in various countries, will soon spread in nations, nations to continents and continents to the whole world. 

It is us who can stop this.

Working together, As one.

The Status of Women in Islam

The Status of Women in Islam:

The status of a woman in Islam has been highly misunderstood and this misunderstanding has grown rapidly amid media controversies. However, despite the stereotypical news the media portrays, it is untrue and hurtful to a Muslim to say that a husband has more dominance and power over his wife and that women are treated worse than slaves. It may be unbelievable, but the western world has only just realized how to treat women and what their rights’ are. 
This system was introduced in the Muslim world over 1400 years ago and is still a rule which every Muslim follows happily.

Islam has provided clear guidance for a peaceful society for humanity to enjoy together. Islam has also introduced equal rights, which a society must inculcate in order to benefit from a positive social system thus allowing them to have respect for each other. 
It was Islam which first introduced a system which provided a balance for a man and woman. This society was created 1400 years ago due to an order given by Allah to the Holy Prophet (saw) and the Prophet Muhammad (saw) stressed upon this subject a lot.


It is incumbent to understand the life of a woman before Islam before speaking on this issue. In Arabia and the rest of the world, women were treated as slaves and their conditions were unimaginable. They were forbidden to inherit property, they had no right to speak in domestic affairs, furthermore, they had no rights upon their children or themselves. In fact, the situation was so appalling that they could be sold or abandoned by their husbands without any reasons. If they were insulted or abused by their husbands, they were not able to recourse to divorce. Their status was null and worse, they were being treated as dirt and they were often killed at birth. They were regarded as dirt of their society and they were restricted to progress in any way.

This system of injustice existed in the 19th century as well, in many parts of the world, even in economically grown US. The rights to women only begun in the early 20th century, but in Arabic, in the 6th century, these rights were being enjoyed by women of Islam. In the Holy Quran, Allah the Almighty stated that: “He has created you from a single being; then of the same kind made its mate.” This verse removes any doubt of inferiority of women. Being created from one source, makes it obvious that women should be allowed to live like men and because they are created from the same strength and being, they should not be treated as subordinates but with kindness and love.


The fundamental change that Islam brought was that it raised the spiritual status of a woman. It granted her the ability to progress and to be treated as a worthwhile living. Allah the Almighty says in the Holy Quran that a woman too has a soul, that she has the same spiritual capacity to that of a man and that she too can attain equal spiritual rewards which have been vouchsafed to a true believer. The Holy Quran says: 

“But whoso does good works, whether male or female, and is a believer, such shall enter heaven…” 

The Holy Quran is probably the only holy scripture that has repeatedly emphasized the need of respecting women and the reward for those who do. It leaves no doubt in regards to this matter as it says:

“Surely the men who submit and the women who submit, and the believing men and the believing women, and the obedient men and the obedient women, and the truthful men and the truthful women, and the humble men and the humble women, and the almsgiving men and the almsgiving women, and the fasting men and the fasting women, and the men who guard their chastity and the women who guard their chastity, and the men who praise God and the women who praise God, Allah has prepared for all of them forgiveness and a mighty reward.”  


Islam also allowed women to have economic freedom, it allowed women to possess land and to inherit properties. Again, in this matter the Holy Quran states: 

“Men shall have the share of what they have earned, and women shall have the share of what they have earned. And ask Allah of His bounty. Surely, Allah has perfect knowledge of all things.” 

This verse illustrates that women are on the same level of men and that women have the right to manage their own wealth. Islam has thought about the respect and care of women intensely. A married woman does not have to spend out of her own wealth, however it is the duty of the husband to provide for her. 
These principles which Islam taught 1400 years ago, have just been introduced by the western society yet Islam is abused and taunted on for being criminals to women.

Nonetheless, the Holy Qur’an states that: 

“…men are guardians over women, because Allah made some of them excel others and because they spend of their wealth” 

This means that the husband is responsible for his wife’s needs and her protection, and he is entitled to supply for her economically and in any other way necessary. 

Moreover, Islam has given the right to a woman to inherit from her deceased. The Holy Qur’an makes it very clear, It says: 

“For men there is a share of that which parents and near relatives leave, and for women there is a share of that which parents and near relatives leave, whether it be a little or much — a determined share.” 



Islam brought with it a great revolution of change. The social status and rights of a woman changed dramatically with the advent of Islam. Societies were given clear guidance through the Holy Quran and the Holy Prophet (saw) thus allowing great changes to take place and letting women live in a great change. 

Daughters were given the honor of being a father’s light and delight whereas they were killed upon birth. The Holy Quran did not applaud this act and Allah said:

“…Slay not your children for fear of poverty, it is We who provide for you and for them, and approach not foul deeds, whether open or secret…” 


… He creates what He pleases, He bestows daughters upon whom He pleases, and He bestows sons on whom He pleases.” 

After forbidding the act, Islam then went on to tell fathers that they must raise their daughters as they raise their son. Islam taught them to focus on daughters too, to take care of them and to allow them to progress intellectually. The Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) said: 

“He who brings up two girls through their childhood will appear on the Day of Judgement attached to me like two fingers of a hand.” (Muslim) 

Therefore, it is evident that Islam raised the status of a daughter from being unwanted and neglected to being loved and adored.. 

Islam also taught a husband the status of a wife. Islam changed the concept of thinking that a wife was a servant to her husband. The Holy Quran makes it clear that in marriages women too have rights. It says: 

“Of His signs is that He created mates for you of your own kind that you may find peace of mind through them, and He has put love and tenderness between you. In that surely are signs for a people that reflect.”  

Whereas marriage was a process used by man to create off-springs of brave soldiers  Islam taught man that marriage is a harmonious union of two souls, where two souls seek comfort from each other. The Holy Qur’an gloriously defines the equality of the relationship with this verse: 

“..They are a garment for you and you are a garment for them.” 

This verse illustrates once again that a husband and wife are equal in providing support and both have an equal say. Islam also commanded men to treat their wives with respect, kindness and generosity. It gave women a voice regardless of what status of position they carried. 

Consequently, Islam also gave huge respect to a mother, Muslim woman achieves her highest status when becoming a mother. The Holy Quran has repeatedly directed Muslims to care for their parents, especially their mothers. Allah says:

“And We have enjoined man to be good to his parents; his mother bears him in weakness upon weakness, and his weaning takes two years….” 

The Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) laid great emphasis on this matter and said: 

“Paradise lies at the feet of the mother.” 

In another hadith, the Holy Prophet (saw) told one of his companions that a mother should be loved and respected 3 times before saying that after the father should be respected and loved. Islam has laid great emphasis on a woman, how well she should be loved, how she should be respected, and how Allah loved those who treat their women with love and respect.

In conclusion, a Muslim woman does not grow arrogant knowing her status, rather bows down and fulfills her obligations towards Allah. However, Islam has granted women the status that the western world has only understood recently. Islam has allowed women to live without any pressure and insult. This is the reason why many women joined the fold of Islam in the time of the Holy Prophet (saw), only because they saw the love and respect that the Holy Prophet (saw) and Islam had for them. Woman in Islam are promoted and supported to seek further education for her benefit, so that she could live with ease.  

Some Muslim countries have made scratches on the name of Islam due to their ill-behavior towards women, but unfortunately they do not realize that what they are practicing is not Islam but their own disgraceful laws. Islam has never commanded for a woman to be ignored or be treated unfairly. This may be a political move but Islam has never supported it.

Islam means peace, and it fully supports its meaning. 

Islam has allowed women to live freely and happily and without Islam the world might still have been stuck in the pre-6th century, desperate for a universal guide.

Power & Blessings of Dua (Prayer)

“And when My servants ask thee about Me, say: “I am near. I answer the prayer of the supplicant when he prays to Me. So they should hearken to Me and believe in Me, that they may follow the right way””

Holy Qur’an, Chapter 2, Verse 187

Dua or supplication, is necessitous in our everyday life; it enables man to have a living relationship with its creator.
Dua is an incredible power which we under-estimate and do not fully comprehend with and at times fail to recognize the fact that Allah the Almighty listens to our prayers immediately and sometimes they are answered in other type of forms.
Sometimes, Allah the Almighty provides us with better alternatives and sometimes He informs us that he has a better outcome planned for us.  Nonetheless, He never leaves His people without any support or help.

Supplication is a blessing from the divine and all faith carry out this practice. It is evident that prayer has changed the life of many and it is prayer alone that allows man to experience divine power through which he is blessed with other bounties. Yet, even after Allah the Almighty has told us about the ways of being closer (and Mutaqqi’s, righteous), we do not take full heed and avail from the given opportunity.The Promised Messiah (as) stated that God repeatedly informed him through revelations that whatever will be accomplished will be through dua. He said dua was the only weapon he had. He said whatever he asked privately, God made it evident. He said if fighting was destined for him, God would have provided all the arrangements. Pious is one who understands how God now wills faith to progress.

It is undeniable now that the only power man has is Dua (supplication). For one to progress both spiritually and in worldly affairs, one needs ample amount of dedicated prayers filled with humility, love and affection.
The Promised Messiah (as), cited that for one to have his prayer fulfilled he must have complete certainty (Yaqeen) that Allah the Almighty is his sole provider and He will answer his prayers. There should not be even an iota of a doubt in the minds of the one praying.

The Promised Messiah (as) also stressed upon the matter of being resilient in prayers and that one should not loose hope or become impatient when the results are not visible or little outcome is being seen.The blessing of Prayer is immense. Members of our community narrate many stories where their prayers have showed the world the amount of blessings Allah the Almighty bestows upon his people. The Promised Messiah (as), explaining the eminent belief of Prophets of God in dua, said that troubles that befall Prophets of God are immense but they do not sadden them because they receive God’s help through dua. If ordinary people had even the smallest amount of the troubles and persecution that Prophets of God face, they could be annihilated. Hundreds of thousands of people become bloodthirsty enemies of Prophets of God, yet they cannot disturb them in their mission. Their steadfastness and resolve is miraculous. The resolute determination and steadfastness of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) was the greatest miracle from among his thousands of miracles.

The Promised Messiah (as), following on from the teachings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW), said that dua is like a spring of delicious water and a believer can satiate himself on it whenever he wishes. Just as fish cannot survive without water, similarly dua is like water for a believer without which he cannot live. 
I conclude this article with the prayers of Hadhrat Khalifat-ul-Masih Khamis (atba), May Allah the Almighty strengthen his hand, which he mentioned in his Friday Sermon last year, he said that: 
Special prayers should be made for the security of the Community; our detractors are increasing in their enmity, may God rebound all their wickedness on them and protect us each moment.
‘O Allah! We make You a shield against the enemy and we seek Your protection against their evil designs.’
‘O my Lord, I have been wronged; You avenge me.
‘O my Lord, everything serves You. Then, protect me and help me and have mercy on me.’
‘O my God, cause me to die a Muslim and join me to the pious.’May Allah the Almighty enable us to understand the importance of prayer, the need of prayer and most importantly, may Allah the Almighty enable us to grow strong pray.
Our Jihad of the pen is futile and worthless, without prayer and without begging for forgiveness through prayer.
May Allah the Almighty allow us to become the true Momins of the community. InshAllah, Ameen.