Internet: its benefits and concerns

The divine scripture which prophesied  many events prophesied the coming of new technology too, as in the Holy Quran it says:
  “Lo in the creation of heavens and the earth and in the alternation of night and day there are indeed signs for men of understanding”
1400 years ago, the religion of Islam was blessed with the insight to the future but in today’s correspondence and communication are we availing the correct purpose of technology?
The Internet has supplied unlimited support in our day-to-day work and has become the most growing technology the world has ever witnessed. Yet, most people would argue that we are not using the Internet as a correct medium and some would even affirm that many use the Internet not for the right purposes I.e idolizing time in areas unworthy of our attention, not using platforms which could become means of Tabligh etc.
In recent times, the pro’s and con’s have been highly analyzed by the media and  schools and the use of Internet is a highly growing concern for us all.
Twitter is a common platform used to socialize, some use it as a means of Tabligh- others, as a source of networking and socializing. But, are we even safe? & do we realise the harmful content hidden behind the screen?
A survey conducted on twitter which showed  that most believe twitter is an excellent tool to interact with individuals from all walks of life and to learn more about other communities and the hardships or events they are celebrating.
Some have indicated they feel more spiritually inclined as twitter has abundant of individuals who are focused heavily on religion.
Some indicate that this is just a way to spend their free time.
More towards negatives, some feel ‘complaints’ against one another are getting out of hand. Some indicated that there is an aspect of micro-managing where even minuscule tweets are being thoroughly investigated.
Social networking sites have become the norm of the society but leaving these area to one side, the Internet as a whole is a tool. Like a mechanic if you know what you’re doing, you’ll suffice- however, if you come with the wrong intentions, like a robber, the tool which is used for a good purpose which be serving unjustly.
Likewise, the Internet is a platform where some learn from, some educate themselves, some teach others, some interact with others but there are many who use the Internet for the wrong reasons.
 The survey, done on twitter hinted that Some have indicated that the purpose of twitter is not to form relationships with one another through tweets or DM’s as we should always remember ‘Allah is All-Aware’.
However, In today’s day and age  the question on how safe is the Internet  is very relevant and important. Thinking back, the past views show that about 14 years ago, topics such as “Internet and Web Security” were unknown names.
A decade ago the main purpose of the Internet was purely focused on email communication and web browsing activities. Commercial, critical or even complex transactions were rarely performed on the Internet. A few years forward and a phenomena has occurred.
Internet and web security measurements in private or environments are being taken more seriously than a decade before. Many efforts have been made by corporate organizations and educational institutes to make the internet more transparent and much safer.
We know that the internet provides children and young people with a wealth of opportunities for their entertainment, communication and education but there are also risks of harm through the deliberate behaviour of others online, and through exposure to inappropriate content.
As children grow up in an increasingly digital world, they need to be aware of the risks they face online. Everyone can play a part in keeping children safe and the internet institutions have a particular responsibility to create tools and information to help.
The current head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community frequently informs parents of their duties towards children and safety from the Internet is important too.
The community has many websites which allow children and elders alike to spend their time in a relaxed and Jamaat atmosphere, where one is circulated in news and entertainment.
The website for a Metropolitan police organisation in the UK said: Social networking sites, such as Facebook, MySpace, Bebo and Twitter have become incredibly popular in recent years.
Most users are genuine, but because it is so easy to hide your real identity, it is possible to come into contact with people you would normally avoid.
It’s risks:  Privacy. The internet offers you a lot of freedom and this can lead some people to behave in ways they would not behave in public.
They might say things in a chat room they would never say face to face,
give out personal information about themselves or others that they would normally keep private.
A common example:
A young person tries to let their friends know about their birthday party by posting the information about when and where on their social networking site. This means hundreds of people end up knowing about the party and turn up uninvited. The party could turn into chaos with people getting angry and even refusing to leave. The police would have to get involved to turn people away.
Similar to music, the Internet is becoming an issue which cannot be stamped as bad or good.
There are ample sites and areas which are beneficial to anyone using the platform for the right reasons- but for those who want mischief, the Internet can, unfortunately, accommodate that too.