Is it a crime to be an Ahmadi?

“…If God had willed, He would have made you all in one nation and one religion), but that He (God) left you in different religions to compete in good deeds and society benefits. The return of all of you is to God; then He (God) will inform you about that in which you differ”

In today’s Pakistan words such as ‘justice’, ‘equality’ and ‘fairness’ carry no value. Indeed, I love my country from the depths of my heart but the vile and brutal attacks which are being made in the name of Islam today terrify me and make me question the ‘Pureness (PAK)’ of my country.

I am an Ahmadi Muslim. Yes, my faith and my religion are surrounded by Islamic motions and no one has the right or the power to change my belief or dictate who I am.

Unfortunately, a high number of so called ‘Muslims’ who are in fact illiterate and disgusting Mullahs, would disagree as they consider themselves more worthy and able than Allah to decide who is a Muslim or not and who can enter the gates of paradise.

Narrated below is an incident which took place a few days ago, this event has still left its mark and effects on me. Furthermore, after going through this tragic event I salute all my Ahmadi brothers and sisters who stand at the forefront defending the true Islam. May Allah fulfill all your noble endeavors. Ameen.

Nonetheless, the story goes as such:
A few days ago I was shopping with my sister and as we entered a shop, we inquired about items which go on our clothing. Sister had a duppata in her hand and asked for a matching design ribbon. Upon hearing this, the salesman did not reply for a whole minute. It seemed weird because without his answer the situation grew weird. In spite of our anxious and what now seemed confusing wait, he broke the silence and very softly asked, “Are you an Ahmadi?” ( maybe he took a guess from our burqas) His soft approach tendered my heart and I thought that maybe he too is an Ahmadi and wanted to send me greetings of peace. But, when my sister replied in affirmative, he took an abrupt and rude approach and very rudely said, “We don’t sell to Ahmadis!”
Understanding the situation, my older sister, grab my wrist and dragged me out of the shop, we rushed towards our car, my sister wanted our safety, I wanted answers!

The shop was in the basement next to the stairs. While taking big steps on the stairs I looked back the shopkeeper called two men with beards from the front shop and he pointed us “they are Mirzai’s”……… then there was no looking back.
It was Allah the Almighty’s doing that He gathered a crowd of shoppers, and in the mist of our confrontation the public made them loose hope of catching us.Furthermore, when reaching the car, my sister rushed home. My journey was one filled with tears and a cold heart. I had broken down. This is not the Pakistan I once took an oath to die for. This is not the Pakistan that I had hope for and which gave me hope. This is the Pakistan which has killed me whilst I lived.

Upon narrating my tragic incident to a senior official of the Jammat, she told me that the same happened to her. She was standing near a crockery stall and picked up a glass. The owner once again inquired about her religious beliefs and when hearing that she too is an Ahmadi Muslim, he  used abusive language and he denied selling his products.

This market, unfortunately, has lost touch with humanity and is under the influence of notorious Mullahs since 2012 and as the days progress, so do their atrocities.

On the website:, page 56 very clearly illustrates an incident which adds to the numbers of those being persecuted in the name of faith:

Green Town, Lahore
; January, 2012:
Mr. Mubashir Ahmad Nasir and his family encountered troublesome religious discrimination at school. His wife was a teacher in Iqbal Memorial High School, while his children were students there. When the staff came to know of their Ahmadiyyat, an agitation started in the school. The propaganda and hate drive was a torture to them. The school administration fired his wife from her job and expelled his children from the school. He then had his children admitted in a government school but the situation there was not much better. He had to shift his children to another private school. All this was traumatic for the family.
Iqbal Town; March, 2012:Mr. Ilyas Ahmad Umair of Iqbal Town was a student of ACCA in the Acute Business College. The college administration called him and inquired from him whether he was an Ahmadi. Upon confirmation they returned his dues to him and strictly prohibited him from entering the college. This disturbed him greatly, but he was counseled to bear up with the discrimination and persecution courageously as he was not the first who have suffered.
Gulshan Ravi;
October, 2012:
Miss Afshan Malik, Ahmadi is a student of F.Sc. Part II in Government Degree College for Women, Gulshane Ravi, Lahore. She participated in the Natiya
(poems in the honour of the Holy Prophet PBUH) competition in the Punjab Youth Festival. The Chief Minister of the Punjab was also present at the event. He liked her recital 53 of a Naat so much that he asked for recital of one more Naat from her while the result was being compiled. She did that and was acclaimed by the audience. These two Naats were produced by Ahmadi elders. She was awarded the first prize and a trophy. After a few days when her rivals came to know of her religious denomination, they turned to mischief against her. She was harassed in the college. They tried to get a police case registered against her. The situation became very serious. In the face of all this she had to discontinue her studies and the entire family had to shift elsewhere


Is it a crime to be an Ahmadi?  Certainly in Pakistan it is.


What started from a small area, has now reached schools, colleges, workplaces and now even markets too.

These inhumane acts force me to question myself and the nation. I really want to know where it says that religion has to interfere with shopping and who has the right to disown someone from their own religion without their consent?

Religion, as it has been taught to us, is a personal relationship between man and its creator, and no individual or group has the authority to disregard someone from their faith. This pathetic Mullah thinking is destroying our nation and has destroyed the country from all corners.
Islam has always said to help others and Allah loves those who are merciful and good-doers so why then to these so called ‘learned’ people find it a hobby and an enjoyable job to insult our religion and us?

No religion in this world teaches cruelty. It is evident that these illiterate people have no knowledge about their own religion but unfortunately their influences have passed on, and those who do not know much are sadly trapped in their wrong teachings.
But it is undoubtedly the constant hard work of our community which promotes peace and teaches love, kindness and sympathy towards  brothers and sisters of all faiths.

Love for All. Hatred for None.

I still sent my prayers to that shop-keeper and Mullahs. May Allah guide them out of their darkness and in to the fold of the true Islam.
Ameen. Thuma Ameen.


6 thoughts on “Is it a crime to be an Ahmadi?

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  3. This behavior is not Islamic and thus not “Pakistanic”. Today’s muslims do see the complete demolition of the original message of Islam but what they fail to approve and accept is the simple reason of the need of a reformer. Any religion faces these interruption in its teachings only when the souls of its followers are empty of faith and are thus hollow. Only then the pure religion sent by God is mixed with such atrocities. This is only the sign of the need of someone who could revive the faith in our souls. For people who had the fear of God in their hearts are led to that revival but those who are so exceeded in their selfishness and inhumanity are left helpless which to my highest dismay include the people of Pakistan. Because God helps those who help themselves. Seek for yourself the truth and you will not be left unanswered.
    This is what I learnt by following the promised Messiah (as) Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian.

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