“The servants of the Merciful are those who walk on the earth in humility.” Holy Quran


Humbleness is the core, noble value which every believer should possess, because through its presence we feel that our hearts are instilled which the closest possible connection and intimacy with Allah, the most Gracious, Ever Merciful. 
This excellent value which is the seed, and stems to other good attributes, were told to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw), and he also practiced this quality with utmost dignity, because he knew how much this quality pleases Allah. 

Islam is a universal religion and a body which contains moral excellence. Its absence in any soul removes any other virtue from the believer and cannot be taken lightly.

Humbleness in an attribute which has been praised by the Holy Quran and the Prophet Muhammad, a quality which has been repetitively emphasised by other Khalifas and we must therefore comprehend the true meaning of humility. In its pristine form, humility is the awareness and declaration on the part of a believing person that all good qualities held by him/her are granted by God, the Glorious and Merciful, and that all praise and thanks is to Him.

Any task which is taken upon and which is empty and void of humility is futile, and humbleness must exist in the form of a pure action, without wanting or gaining anything. An action carried purely for the reward of Allah. As human beings, we are blessed with wealth, intellect, and success; however, we must acknowledge that these blessings are provided to us by God, and we must thank Him. 
Undoubtedly, Allah’s blessings towards us are trials and opportunities for us to earn His approval and acceptance as believers.

If we continue to live without true humility, our actions will continue to be destroyed by arrogance, and selfish ambitions. By continuously thanking the Most Beneficent and Merciful for the blessings He has provided us, we avoid becoming arrogant and are able to join the ranks of the true Muslims.

“Give good news to the humble-hearted.”

Humility and humbleness towards God creates man to be full of modesty, patience, and respect towards other Muslims. Submission to God leads a person towards a more tranquil, peaceful and meek-full life of purpose, while self-pride and arrogance leads one to a life of darkness, coercion and hatred. It is not possible to be in actual submission while behaving arrogantly and in contempt towards others. Surely, humble submission before the Most Glorious and Eternal Lord is the most inspiring and the greatest source of honour and dignity a believing person can be afforded.

Humility comes from recognizing the Might of God and that all might belongs to Him, it says in the Hoy Quran: ‘And seek help with patience and Prayer; and this indeed is hard except for the humble in spirit, Who know for certain that they will meet their Lord, and that to Him will they return.’ This verse alone proves that the qualities needed to attach man to Allah and for man to become steadfast, he must have this quality embedded within him.

True humbleness asks that we remember Allah constantly, thank Him for His countless blessings that He has conferred and awarded upon us, use our talents and abilities in His way, and consider ourselves superior to no one. Surely, “Successful indeed are the believers who humble themselves in their prayers.” Holy Quran.