Dr Mehdi Ali  – A Nation Forgets to Honour its brave hero!



I live in a country which vouchsafed its inhabitant’s safety, security, peace, serenity and a guarantee that whosoever wishes to call his God, in which ever language and in which ever building, can do so freely. Yet, these promises seem to be nothing more than a vague dream, or rather a scary nightmare which has caused insomnia in many people around the nation.

 Proclaiming to be a Muslim, or calling on the basic principles of Islam will easily purchase a ticket for me to meet a jail sentence and which could simply cause me to be hanged until death. However, maybe it’s the stubbornness love that is innate within every Ahmadi Muslim that he still, despite the torture and gruesome behaviour, wants to be at the forefront whenever the nation calls upon him.

 Maybe, it’s the arrogance of every Ahmadi Muslim that despite being kicked away and rejected, he still falls back as a traveler would, seeing a water well after crossing miles upon miles of dessert; maybe, it’s the hard hardheartedness that whenever the nation calls to offer lives, blood, financial help or sweat, Ahmadi Muslims are always there screaming ‘Present’ because they have taken an oath to fulfill the Hadith

‘Love to One’s Country is Part of One’s Faith’

Similarly, Dr Mehdi Ali carried a mind like the Ahmadi Muslims who forgot about their lives, families and health, simply because they wanted to leave this world knowing that they have created an Earth in which others could live in peace. So that others, when going to sleep at night, can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that their country is in safe hands and not in the hands of fanatics that get amused as small children would when they throw their toys around, not caring who it’ll hurt.

 Dr Mehdi Ali Qamar Shaheed took off from America, there was no need, he had the wealth and life of a man which others would sacrifice their lives for, but regardless of this, he stepped forward and departed from a land that has been dead for many decades.

His purpose? Simple. To reach and work for an institution, a hospital, which supports patients regardless of the amount of money they carry in their bank accounts. He had a vision, an aim, to treat as many people with all of his heart, yet his felon, his bitter enemies ripped that away from him when he was shot 11 times in front of his wife and child.

It leaves one saddened and shocked, that how can someone shoot a saint and then sleep peacefully at night. How can he be rest assured knowing he has caused a family to mourn the loss of its income supplier, the man who would put the bread on the table, the man who would come home to his young child who hasn’t even started high school yet.

 Allah Almighty has stated in the Holy Quran that He sends ‘Laanat’ or curse to those who lie; however, we Ahmadi Muslims fear the outcome of such hypocrite Mullahs, who have made Islam a way of business to fill their pockets and tummy.

 Nonetheless, the worldwide leader of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community clearly stated in his previous Friday Sermon that when the wrath and righteous indignation of Allah starts, then no power of this universe can do anything to stop it.

We hope Allah Almighty sets the hearts of these corrupt and conceited, haughty Mullahs straight and that they will seek to promote the true message of Islam. However, until then we hope that Allah Almighty continues to safeguard Ahmadi Muslims from every pain and trouble.

Because in ONLY Him do we rely and because we know ONLY HE has the power of safeguarding US!