Power & Blessings of Dua (Prayer)

“And when My servants ask thee about Me, say: “I am near. I answer the prayer of the supplicant when he prays to Me. So they should hearken to Me and believe in Me, that they may follow the right way””

Holy Qur’an, Chapter 2, Verse 187

Dua or supplication, is necessitous in our everyday life; it enables man to have a living relationship with its creator.
Dua is an incredible power which we under-estimate and do not fully comprehend with and at times fail to recognize the fact that Allah the Almighty listens to our prayers immediately and sometimes they are answered in other type of forms.
Sometimes, Allah the Almighty provides us with better alternatives and sometimes He informs us that he has a better outcome planned for us.  Nonetheless, He never leaves His people without any support or help.

Supplication is a blessing from the divine and all faith carry out this practice. It is evident that prayer has changed the life of many and it is prayer alone that allows man to experience divine power through which he is blessed with other bounties. Yet, even after Allah the Almighty has told us about the ways of being closer (and Mutaqqi’s, righteous), we do not take full heed and avail from the given opportunity.The Promised Messiah (as) stated that God repeatedly informed him through revelations that whatever will be accomplished will be through dua. He said dua was the only weapon he had. He said whatever he asked privately, God made it evident. He said if fighting was destined for him, God would have provided all the arrangements. Pious is one who understands how God now wills faith to progress.

It is undeniable now that the only power man has is Dua (supplication). For one to progress both spiritually and in worldly affairs, one needs ample amount of dedicated prayers filled with humility, love and affection.
The Promised Messiah (as), cited that for one to have his prayer fulfilled he must have complete certainty (Yaqeen) that Allah the Almighty is his sole provider and He will answer his prayers. There should not be even an iota of a doubt in the minds of the one praying.

The Promised Messiah (as) also stressed upon the matter of being resilient in prayers and that one should not loose hope or become impatient when the results are not visible or little outcome is being seen.The blessing of Prayer is immense. Members of our community narrate many stories where their prayers have showed the world the amount of blessings Allah the Almighty bestows upon his people. The Promised Messiah (as), explaining the eminent belief of Prophets of God in dua, said that troubles that befall Prophets of God are immense but they do not sadden them because they receive God’s help through dua. If ordinary people had even the smallest amount of the troubles and persecution that Prophets of God face, they could be annihilated. Hundreds of thousands of people become bloodthirsty enemies of Prophets of God, yet they cannot disturb them in their mission. Their steadfastness and resolve is miraculous. The resolute determination and steadfastness of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) was the greatest miracle from among his thousands of miracles.

The Promised Messiah (as), following on from the teachings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW), said that dua is like a spring of delicious water and a believer can satiate himself on it whenever he wishes. Just as fish cannot survive without water, similarly dua is like water for a believer without which he cannot live. 
I conclude this article with the prayers of Hadhrat Khalifat-ul-Masih Khamis (atba), May Allah the Almighty strengthen his hand, which he mentioned in his Friday Sermon last year, he said that: 
Special prayers should be made for the security of the Community; our detractors are increasing in their enmity, may God rebound all their wickedness on them and protect us each moment.
‘O Allah! We make You a shield against the enemy and we seek Your protection against their evil designs.’
‘O my Lord, I have been wronged; You avenge me.
‘O my Lord, everything serves You. Then, protect me and help me and have mercy on me.’
‘O my God, cause me to die a Muslim and join me to the pious.’May Allah the Almighty enable us to understand the importance of prayer, the need of prayer and most importantly, may Allah the Almighty enable us to grow strong pray.
Our Jihad of the pen is futile and worthless, without prayer and without begging for forgiveness through prayer.
May Allah the Almighty allow us to become the true Momins of the community. InshAllah, Ameen.